Tim Franklin : 8th to run around the world

World-runner Tim Franklin has become the 8th individual to run around the world and is inducted into the WRA. Whilst his run records are still under ratification, we are happy to introduce Tim to the WRA family.

576 days, 26,245km run: Congratulations to Tim Franklin who becomes today the 8th person to conclude a run around the world! Welcome to the WRA! 

Tim started his run on 3rd December 2022 in Brisbane Australia. 

He went on to run in a west-east direction across

  • New Zealand,
  • North America (San Francisco to New York),
  • South America (Santiago to Buenos Aires),
  • London,
  • Europe (Lisbon to Constanta),
  • South East Asia (Malaysia and Singapore),
  • Australia (Perth to Brisbane). 

Tim concluded his journey in Brisbane Australia on 30th June 2024, accompanied by thousands of supporters and well wishers.

The WRA is verifying that Tim’s run has satisfied all the criteria of a run around the world through his documentation. He is poised to sign the second fastest run in history, after that of Serge Girard in 2017, who did it in 434 days. 

Congratulations Tim!

Phil Essam, WRA President