The World Runners Club (WRC) consists of those individuals who have successfully completed a circumnavigation of the Earth on foot, according to the rules laid down by the WRC. Membership of the WRC automatically confers General Membership of the World Runners Association (WRA).

Athletes of the World Runners Club

The following athletes have satisfied the criteria for admittance to the World Runners Club. You are invited to click on their name in order to access their journey’s details, with a global map of their run/walk and all stages of their journey:

Jesper Kenn Olsen

23-10-2005 · 662d · 26,232km
28-07-2012 · 1,489d · 36,917km

Rosie Swale-Pope

1,789 days · 32,187km

Tom Denniss

622 days · 26,232km

Tony Mangan

1,461 days · 50,000km

Kevin Carr

621 days · 26,232km

Serge Girard

434 days · 26,232km

Marie Leautey

825 days · 28,249km

Tim Franklin

30-06-2024 · 576 days · 26,245km

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