To contact the World Runners Association, please email the following address. Please note, in order to avoid ‘bot’ generated spam, the @ symbol has been replaced by the word ‘at’. However, please type in the @ symbol as per a standard email address format.

admin at


3 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Dears,

    Could you confirm me if i will run around the world as follow and i respect all your others rules my journey will be accepted.
    Start from France to Saint Petersburg Russia running and Saint petersburg to Vladivostok running and Sydney to Perth running, Dar es Salaam Tanzania to Walvis Bay Namibia running, Buenos Aires Argentina to Valparaiso Chile running, Vancouver Canada to Quebec running and finally Lisboa Portugal to France running.
    Of course i will start and finish at the same place in France.
    In fact it will be more easy to organize this world tour in this same instead to run successively the continents in the longitudinally way..

    Thank in advance for our reply

    All the best



  2. Hi. I would belong to the World Runners Association
    Could you send me information and I need to meet requirements to join you?
    Greetings from Mexico.
    contacts: Corriendo por America-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
    Personal Facebook: Frankie Val


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